Sunday, October 27, 2013

Note from Mamma Wright! :)

Hello Everyone!

First of all, THANK YOU so much for your generosity and support!  We are truly grateful for your donations of items that have been coming in throughout this past week.  The "Momma Box" in each band room will be available through tomorrow.  I need to be able to give the financial office a total for our expenses by Tuesday morning.  If you aren't able to bring your donations to a "Momma Box" tomorrow during school hours, either Momma or Papa Wright will be available to receive them after rehearsal tomorrow evening.  Let us know if you need to make other arrangements.  Band families are THE BEST!

If you have not already made a donation, and would like to do so, here are a few items left from our list:

2 large jars of dill pickle chips

2 XL jars of dill pickles or spears  (I've seen these at Walmart)

4 dozen Pop Tarts

2 large canisters of lemon lime Gatorade (Usually found on a top shelf at Walmart)

3 large canisters of orange Gatorade  (Also found at Walmart)

AND:  We have enough licorice now, but I forgot to ask for SUCKERS!  If there is anyone willing/able to donate suckers to add to our Halloween shenanigans, please let me know.  We need 120 Tootsie Pops, Blow Pops, Charms Pops...any yummy large-sized sucker will do!  All of the above items are listed on Charms, except for the suckers.  Please send me a message if you'd like to provide those.  THANKS!

Chaperones:  THANK YOU FOR DONATING NOT ONLY YOUR TIME and/or ITEMS TO SUPPORT THE BAND....THANK YOU FOR PAYING TO VOLUNTEER FOR THIS TRIP!  Obviously the mommas and the papas love our band and guard.  They have really gone the extra 10 MILES to ensure our kids have a well-chaperoned, safe, and fun experience at every competition!  Although I know they don't really expect it, please thank the mommas and papas who are preparing the food, riding the buses and staying at the hotels with you.

*Also for chaperones:  I recommend bringing a camp chair to sit in.  There will be times when we are waiting for our kids while they rehearse, etc...  BAND STUDENTS DO NOT NEED CAMP CHAIRS.

Finally, if you'd like to stay up-to-date as we are off on our St. George adventures, I will be posting photos and news to our facebook page as often as possible.  (We are very busy, but I promise to do my best!)  Please connect with us at: if you haven't already done so.  Also, we do have a blog which can be found at:  It includes links to donate to the band through the Alpine Foundation, if you know of a philanthropist or a business looking to support the arts. Our blog also includes a link to Charms, and a link to our band's shop at where you can customize and purchase band apparel.  This is an excellent gift idea, and a portion of your purchase goes directly to the band program.

Mr. Reynolds plans to send out more specific information about competitions as soon as he has it.  Please hold any itinerary-related questions until then.  Thanks!

Our Marching Pioneers have grown a lot this season.  While I am impressed with how well they have performed The Road Not Taken, I am more impressed with the individuals...who they are now, and aspiring to become.

Much love and excitement!

Momma Wright

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