Sunday, October 27, 2013

Note from Mamma Wright! :)

Hello Everyone!

First of all, THANK YOU so much for your generosity and support!  We are truly grateful for your donations of items that have been coming in throughout this past week.  The "Momma Box" in each band room will be available through tomorrow.  I need to be able to give the financial office a total for our expenses by Tuesday morning.  If you aren't able to bring your donations to a "Momma Box" tomorrow during school hours, either Momma or Papa Wright will be available to receive them after rehearsal tomorrow evening.  Let us know if you need to make other arrangements.  Band families are THE BEST!

If you have not already made a donation, and would like to do so, here are a few items left from our list:

2 large jars of dill pickle chips

2 XL jars of dill pickles or spears  (I've seen these at Walmart)

4 dozen Pop Tarts

2 large canisters of lemon lime Gatorade (Usually found on a top shelf at Walmart)

3 large canisters of orange Gatorade  (Also found at Walmart)

AND:  We have enough licorice now, but I forgot to ask for SUCKERS!  If there is anyone willing/able to donate suckers to add to our Halloween shenanigans, please let me know.  We need 120 Tootsie Pops, Blow Pops, Charms Pops...any yummy large-sized sucker will do!  All of the above items are listed on Charms, except for the suckers.  Please send me a message if you'd like to provide those.  THANKS!

Chaperones:  THANK YOU FOR DONATING NOT ONLY YOUR TIME and/or ITEMS TO SUPPORT THE BAND....THANK YOU FOR PAYING TO VOLUNTEER FOR THIS TRIP!  Obviously the mommas and the papas love our band and guard.  They have really gone the extra 10 MILES to ensure our kids have a well-chaperoned, safe, and fun experience at every competition!  Although I know they don't really expect it, please thank the mommas and papas who are preparing the food, riding the buses and staying at the hotels with you.

*Also for chaperones:  I recommend bringing a camp chair to sit in.  There will be times when we are waiting for our kids while they rehearse, etc...  BAND STUDENTS DO NOT NEED CAMP CHAIRS.

Finally, if you'd like to stay up-to-date as we are off on our St. George adventures, I will be posting photos and news to our facebook page as often as possible.  (We are very busy, but I promise to do my best!)  Please connect with us at: if you haven't already done so.  Also, we do have a blog which can be found at:  It includes links to donate to the band through the Alpine Foundation, if you know of a philanthropist or a business looking to support the arts. Our blog also includes a link to Charms, and a link to our band's shop at where you can customize and purchase band apparel.  This is an excellent gift idea, and a portion of your purchase goes directly to the band program.

Mr. Reynolds plans to send out more specific information about competitions as soon as he has it.  Please hold any itinerary-related questions until then.  Thanks!

Our Marching Pioneers have grown a lot this season.  While I am impressed with how well they have performed The Road Not Taken, I am more impressed with the individuals...who they are now, and aspiring to become.

Much love and excitement!

Momma Wright

Saturday, October 26, 2013

St. George Trip Info

Hello Everyone!

It’s difficult to believe the marching season is nearing its end.  It has been an absolute pleasure to serve the band this year!  We are in need of some donated food\items to help with snacks for the remaining competitions, Halloween treat bags for band members, and a few food items to ensure we have enough to feed hungry teens. J  Please go to Charms and sign up to donate these items as soon as possible!  (If they are not up on Charms tonight, they will be shortly!)  Each band room has been equipped with a “Momma Box”.  Please have your students leave donated items inside these boxes, which will be checked regularly.

A reminder about how to log in to Charms:
*Click on Enter/Login in the top right corner, and choose Parent\Students\Members
*Enter our school code:  LehiHSBand
*Choose to either enter the public site or your child’s password
*Click on volunteer needs

St. George Packing List:

·      One medium suitcase labeled with your full name to go under the bus
·      One backpack or other similarly sized bag to bring with you on the bus
·      Instrument & Accessories
·      Appropriate clothing for 3 days; daytime temps in the 70’s & evenings in the 40’s
o   Appropriate means Alpine District Dress Code
§  Shirts with sleeves that cover the shoulders
§  See through fabrics must have shirts underneath (see above)
§  Shorts long enough to come to the end of your fingers when hands are placed at your side while standing
·      Your show shirt, black socks, and marching shoes!
·      Modest ONE piece swimsuit for girls, swimming trunks for boys
·      Comfortable walking shoes, flip flops are for the pool
·      Hat/sun glasses & sunscreen
·      Water jug/bottle to refill at hotel
·      Hygiene items
o   Toothbrush & toothpaste
o   Shampoo & Conditioner, etc..
o   Necessary Medication, epi-pens, inhalers, etc…
·      Camera, iPod, cell phone & charger (if you have one), a book to read, cards or other small games to play, and keep in mind you are responsible for your personal items.
·      Money for intermission\concessions at the Tuacahn Center For The Arts (Thriller), and for souvenirs sold at BOA Regional Competition
·      A warm jacket
·      Your beautiful\handsome smile and great, cooperative attitude

Items to leave at home DO NOT BRING:

·      Large electronic equipment, video games, laptops
·      Perfumes\scented sprays-some people are very allergic
·      Negativity of any kind: gossip, faultfinding, whining, bad attitude, etc…

We have not been given performance times yet.  The following is a rough outline of our itinerary:
·      Students will load buses to leave at 8:00 am on Thursday, October 31st.
o   Rehearsal in Beaver & Lunch
o   Load and complete trip to St. George, check in at Claridge (sp) Inn on Bluff Street, eat dinner
o   Enjoy Thriller at the Tuacahn  (tickets already purchased)
·      Friday morning rehearsal at Dixie High, Red Rocks at Dixie State
o   Sleep in, a little
o   LOT’s of rehearsal, and meals of course!
o   Some downtime and an afternoon swim
o   Evening performance
·      Saturday morning rehearse and probably a morning BOA performance time
o   BOA is also being held at Dixie State
o   Students will stay to watch the Bands of America competition and wait to see if they qualify for Saturday night performance
o   Return home
o   ETA in Lehi, with an evening performance, is EARLY morning; last year it was 3:30 am

We may send another message if we forgot anything.  Please let us know if you have any questions!  Thank you for your support!
The Mommas!
Momma Wright
(801) 768-0578
Momma Williams
(801) 822-9942

Monday, August 5, 2013

Yard Sale

Please visit the link below for information on the yard sale!  :)

Marching Band Yard Sale

Friday, July 26, 2013

Band Camp Schedule

Dear Parents, Students, and Staff,

Thanks for your patience and flexibility throughout this change of venue for band camp. Here is an updated itinerary for the week. Many thanks to the administration and faculty at Willow Creek for accommodating us on such short notice. Thanks to the parents and staff as well for being flexible enough to make this change work. Although hectic, it is a necessary change that will put us on much better financial footing throughout the rest of the season.

Monday-Wednesday, Friday

7:00-8:45 Basics

8:45-9:00 Snack

9:00-11:00 Drill

11:00-12:00 Lunch

12:00-1:00 Sectionals

1:00-1:45 Ensemble Music

1:45-2:00 Snack

2:00-4:00 Drill

4:00-5:30 Dinner

5:30-7:00 Review Drill/Chunks

On Thursday we will extend the afternoon block until 5:00 and end rehearsal at that point. Everyone can then clean up and meet for dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe in Highland. We will not come back for evening block that day.

As a reminder: PLEASE bring a large jug for water or a hydration pack to use during the day. Drink lots of fluids and eat a good breakfast. Breakfast is not an option--you will suffer throughout the day without a good meal in the morning. After the evening activities, go home and get some sleep. If we all do this, we will have a productive week and the show will be off to a good start.

Thanks for your efforts, and I look forward to a great camp next week!


Mr. Reynolds

 Spirit Week:

Hey everyone we are going to have spirit days for band camp. Dress up and have fun!

 Monday -Nerd Day or School spirit day (wear Purple)

 Tuesday -Funny Hat Day

 Wednesday- Super Hero Day

 Thursday- Section Day

 Friday- Western Mexicans with Mustaches Day (Someone thought it would be a good idea to combine      the Western, Mexican, and Mustache days into one. Majority ruled in favor of it.)

Cant wait to see you bright and early Monday morning .

Momma Williams

Yard Sale Fundraiser

A message from Momma Wright-

We are excited to announce that Mrs. Schroeder at Snow Springs Elementary has granted her permission for us to use the front of the school for our sale on Saturday, August 10th from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm!  The school is located between Main Street and Pioneer Crossing at 850 S 1700 W in Lehi.  I have promised that we will thoroughly clean up the area when our yard sale is complete.  Water will be provided.

The following things need to be done in order to be able to participate:

1. Please call me, Momma (Ora) Wright, at 768-0578 to reserve your spot.  (Or, reply to this email with student's name, student ID number, and best number to reach you at.  Also, I will need to know if you have some items for sale that would be attractive to potential buyers, and I will include them in our advertisement.  A few photos from some of you would be helpful as well.)

2. You will need to wear your purple band T-shirt the day of the sale.  Wear pants or dress code appropriate shorts with pockets to allow you to keep your money organized.  Please look your best, remember you are representing the band.  (Short shorts and tank tops are prohibited.)

3. You will need to provide your own shade, tables, and/or tarp to neatly arrange items for sale upon.

4. When you ask your friends and neighbors to donate their unwanted items, please be willing to pick them up yourself, and show up on time.  Also, please be prepared to donate unsold items to the charity of your choice.  You are responsible for cleaning up your station.

5. Set up begins at 7:00 am, and it is important to be there on time.  Check in before unloading.

6. Provide your own change.  You will need quarters, one's, five's, and ten's.  I usually have $30 on me to begin with.

7. Bring some grocery bags for your customers to take their purchases home in.

8. The money you earn is to help you pay your band fees, and is being advertised as such.  Please use it to do so.

Please come to a short course on successful selling after rehearsal on August 5th at Willowcreek.  I will be presenting some ideas to help you make the most of this opportunity to earn money for band fees.  If you are a yard sale veteran, there is no need to attend.

We will need some parent volunteers to help set up, clean up, and walk around to help ensure everyone has a successful experience.  Please call Momma Wright, or respond to this email if you want to help!  I'll need the best number to reach you at, and to know if you are willing to provide a bag of ice.  Please wear purple, so that students know to come to you if they need help.

Finally, we are in need of a few more shade canopies with anchors for band camp.  Please respond to this message if you have one you can loan to the band.

Thank you!


Momma Wright